1. Nolan Andrew – you’re a natural leader, full of life, teachable, and work with excellence.
  2. Mirian Perez Colindres – you’re an energetic team player and help wherever, and whenever, needed.
  3. Scott Graves – you’re a passionate storyteller, are excellent with the details, and super patient.
  4. Tanner Londo – you have a natural eye for photography, videography, and composition. Just. wow.
  5. Francisco Carmona – you’re always respectful, helpful, on time, and willing to lug sound equipment up steep hills, to beautiful waterfalls, in the 104 degree summer sun…all for the shot. You’re a trooper!

Our summer interns are working hard in the southern California summer sun, helping the team out, and all with a positive attitude. Thank you interns. We appreciate you!