Caleb Henry is a southern folk singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. “Caleb Henry and The Customs” is currently recording three original songs for our Official Soundtrack. We recently sat in on an interview with Caleb Henry at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio and learned more about Caleb Henry’s songwriting process and discovered just where the inspiration for his Dad-themed songs originated.

Who is Caleb Henry?

Caleb Henry is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University where he studied music and built long-lasting relationships with individuals who are steadily helping him reach his career goals. The bonds Caleb established in college, from the partnerships with the men in his band, to his collaboration with music producer Ryland Talamo; Caleb is not short of any blessings in his career.

Navigating the Music Industry

Caleb Henry’s success in the music industry has been made slightly less trivial due to the relationships he has built in the industry. His current opportunity with our documentary resulted from the relationship he has cultivated with Director/Producer Emily Hibard.

Caleb speaks personally on how his success so far would not be possible if it was not for people like Emily Hibard who are willing to take a chance on him. A 2017 music contest he participated in at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio resulted in an opportunity to record his debut EP “Lost in the Particulars.”

Songwriting Inspiration

The technique Caleb uses to write his music is one that connects to his passion for the environment. Caleb does not like to think of himself as a songwriter nor as an environmentalist, although he is currently working for a non-profit company whose mission it is to stop deforestation.

He believes most of his music comes from spontaneous jolts of inspiration cycling through his creative process.

Caleb’s Father-Son Relationship and How it is Portrayed in his Music

Writing songs for the Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack was a collaboration of drawing from Caleb’s past musical inspirations and utilizing the relationship with his own father as a lyrical tool. He pulled from his unfinished lyrical library and allowed the film’s Music Supervisor to choose which song had the potential of portraying the message needed for the documentary.

Being a musician has not been an easy venture for Caleb. If it was not for the encouraging words from his father to inspire him to keep the faith and continue following his dreams, Caleb says he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Want to discover more about Caleb Henry?

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