As we prepare to release our project into the world, there’s a few things we need to do first.

One of them is to get Errors & Omissions Insurance (aka E&O insurance).

This policy is a “CYA” for everybody involved – producers, directors, writers, production companies, agents, distributors, etc.

If somebody has anything to lose, an E&O policy is a must.

We’ve been shopping around looking for the best bang for our buck, and, at the same time, meeting the minimum requirements for our agents and distributors.

Here are a few documents we had to provide to E&O insurance companies:

  1. Proof that Honor Project Documentary has been registered with the US Copyright office.
  2. Synchronization and Master Use Licenses for music used in the documentary.
  3. Composer agreements stating Honor Project Documentary has permission to use their musical compositions.
  4. Signed releases from all of the Dads in the documentary
  5. Producer resume
  6. Production budget

Word to the wise: if you’re planning on getting a film distributed, plan on shoveling out a few thousand bucks on your E&O policy.