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Father’s Day is this Sunday

Celebrate the Dads in your world this weekend by watching Honor Project Documentary with them. The documentary features 20 diverse Los Angeles Dads who are overcoming every obstacle to give their kids what they never had.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21

These past few months have been strange, to say the least, and we’re all going to have to get a bit creative to show Dad just how much he means to us.

Dads and Covid-19

With more Dads at home with their children right now, this pandemic is an unexpected opportunity for Dads to connect even more with their kids.

Dads Matter: Producer Emily Hibard on “Love & Life” podcast with Dr. Karin

According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau, 19.5 million children (more than 1 in 4) live without a father in the home. These children are 47% more likely to grow up in poverty.

Small Group Study for Men. Episode 5: Masculinity

Inspired by Honor Project Documentary, a film about fatherhood, the Small Group Study for Men is an 8-episode online video series created to help Christian Dads navigate some of the most common issues ever fathers must confront.

Hello 2020

Last year was an incredible year for Honor Project Documentary. In just a few short months, we’ve already been able to share the film with viewers around the world.

Matt Barnes featured on the “Dad’s Guide to Twins” podcast

“Today we continue our father of twins interview series with Matt Barnes, father of two sets of twins in Newport Beach, California. Listen as we explore his twin parenting journey, including having two sets of twins in less than two years.”

Headed to Portland, Oregon…

We have some very exciting opportunities brewing in the Pacific Northwest, and we don’t just mean their IPAs.

District Advocate Day with the Recording Academy (Los Angeles Chapter)

Today was a great day! We had the opportunity to partner with the Recording Academy (Grammys), meet up with California Congressman Brad Sherman at Larrabee Studios in Studio City, and talk about some really important changes we’d like to see for music creators.

In Loving Memory: Chris Wren

This post was contributed by Producer Emily Hibard. Chris Wren has been my Dad’s best friend since 7th grade. They both grew up in Downey, California together and the rest is history. Literally. You can fill volumes with all these guys did: fixed bikes climbed mountains scuba diving spear fishing sailing road trips cruises shooting …

Nick Karavedas to host Small Group Study for Men

Hosted by “documentary dad” Nick Karavedas, the Small Group Study for Men dives into topics that will challenge and encourage every father. #HonorProjectDoc

Los Angeles Movie Premiere a Smashing Success!

We released Honor Project Documentary on Father’s Day in Los Angeles. It was our first public screening, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share the father-positive film with the world. Red carpet photographer Mat Fretschel captured our “documentary Dads” walking the red carpet. Here are just a few… View all red carpet photos

Now available to download and on DVD

We recently released Honor Project Documentary on Father’s Day, and now the father-positive documentary is available for purchase in our Shop.

Honor Project Documentary – Official Trailer

Official Trailer – Honor Project Documentary

Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy for Honor Project Documentary

As we prepare to release our project into the world, there’s a few things we need to do first. One of them is to get Errors & Omissions Insurance (aka E&O insurance). This policy is a “CYA” for everybody involved – producers, directors, writers, production companies, agents, distributors, etc. If somebody has anything to lose, …

Just sent our files to Blackwater Digital Services for QC

Today we uploaded our 85GB file to Blackwater Digital Services via their Media Shuttle portal.

George Hibard of Spiral Paper Tube & Core

Richard Bravo of Rocky Mountaineer

Mix Session with Ryland Talamo

This week, we met up with editor Sarah LaSpisa, audiophile Ryland Talamo and producer Emily Hibard at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio to mix the audio for Honor Project Documentary.

Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve

Colors play a vital role in videos and images, colors can define the time of day, what season it is, or how intense the emotions of the characters are. But waiting for the correct light and scenic conditions is expensive and may even be impossible. This is where video editing and color correction come in.

Recording the final voice over

Today was a great day! We finally ditched the scratch track we’ve been working with and recorded our final voice over. I’d end by saying “mic drop” but we recorded on a Vanguard Audio Labs V13, so no mic droppin’ here.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Dennis Lamar, one of the Dads featured in our documentary, is still raking in the Spotify streams with his latest gospel song Holy Spirit Breathe.

Welcome Jacob Martinez

As our team mined through the interviews, transcripts, footage, audio, etc., we were pretty bummed that so much ended up on the editing floor. “There’s gotta be something we can do with all of this,” we thought to ourselves.

Say Cheese! Photoshoot with Mat Fretschel

This past Saturday, nearly every guy featured in our documentary was able to make it to our photoshoot. Mat Fretschel, of Disney Animation Studios, is an amazing photographer and helped capture each Dad at their best.

Coming Soon: Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack

With a lot of support from our team of songwriters, singers, artists, musicians, and producers, we just received all of the Official Soundtrack masters!

Editing, Sound, Color Correction, and our Official Soundtrack

We recently screened our latest rough cut and asked a few friends in the industry to give us their raw thoughts. Their feedback was specific and we think it’ll only make our documentary more compelling.

Day 32: Men’s Breakfast at Desert Reign with Larry Rodriguez Sr.

Larry Rodriguez Sr. recently hosted an all-men’s breakfast at Desert Reign Church in Downey, California. Multi-generational, multi-ethnic men, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, gathered to drink coffee, put back a few pancakes and discuss one topic: fatherhood. Only five men raised their hand when Larry asked who was raised with a loving father. …

Day 31: Night Practice at Aquinas High School with Nick Karavedas

After we screened our first rough cut, we noticed Nick Karavedas shared how coaching high school football helps his players learn how to be men. To show some of these young men in action, we joined them on the football field for one of their weekly Wednesday night practices. Under the lights, we were able …

Caleb Henry is Navigating the Music Industry

Caleb Henry is a southern folk singer, guitarist, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. “Caleb Henry and The Customs” is currently recording three original songs for our Official Soundtrack. We recently sat in on an interview with Caleb Henry at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio and learned more about Caleb Henry’s songwriting process and discovered just where …

Screened our first rough cut

Since we finished filming in August, our editors have been working double time and, this morning, we all sat down at Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio to screen the film’s first rough cut. Senior video editor Sarah LaSpisa is doing an amazing job piecing together 30+ days of filming and we’re excited to have her on …

Adam Z Nelson: Singer, Songwriter, Musician

The Honor Project Documentary As you may know, The Honor Project Documentary is a film about modern men sharing their life stories. It features 15 southern Californian Dads from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities, varying from the baby boomers generation to millennial. Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio was able to interview Adam Nelson, one of …

Official Soundtrack

After months of sorting through song submissions, we were finally able to select the songs we want to use. We’ve partnered with Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio and music producer Ryland Talamo, both here in Los Angeles, to produce the official soundtrack. To kick things off, we’ll be recording singer/songwriter Adam Z Nelson this weekend. After listening …

Meeting with the editors at the Hollywood Production Center

Our crew recently returned from our adventures in the Arctic Ocean with George Hibard, father of three. Now it’s time to jump into post-production. Today, we met editor Sarah LaSpisa at the Hollywood Production Center in the heart of Hollywood, California to discuss strategy. We have a great team and are excited to take this …

From Los Angeles to the Arctic Ocean with George Hibard

After two months of filming in Los Angeles, we headed north with George Hibard. We’re following him, in his expedition 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser, to the Arctic Ocean. It’s 3,500 miles one way, for a grand total of 7,000 miles round trip. We just left Dawson City, Yukon, Canada and, with multiple GoPros and a …

Zoom H6 field recorder

Today’s post is dedicated to our Zoom H6 field recorder. We’re beyond pleased to have chosen the Zoom H6 field recorder for our documentary. It’s small and compact, but packs a punch. In the studio, we’ve been running two channels: one channel for the Rode NTG3 boom mic and one channel for the Rode RodeLink …

Day 23: Peter Karavedas and family visit the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California

High school football coach and family man Peter Karavedas took his family to Dana Point’s Ocean Institute today. Our crew followed the Karavedas family around today as Peter and his wife handed their one year old son, Joey, back and forth, chased their three year old son, Nico, around the touch tanks, and chuckled as …

Day 22: Edwin Davila and sons service their 1960 Chevy Apache in Boyle Heights

Edwin Davila is a classic car guy. Today, our crew filmed Edwin Davila, along with his two teenage sons, tune up their classic 1960 Chevrolet Apache truck at their historic Boyle Heights (an east Los Angeles suburb) home. Beside some of Edwin’s other classics parked in his garage, we watched on as the trio changed …

Day 21: Bicep curls and Baby Bjorn. Meet Malik K Murray.

For anybody who thinks you can’t hit the gym because you have a baby, well, meet Malik Murray. Malik Murray is passionate about health and hits the gym with his soon-t0-be-one-year-old daughter in his Baby Bjorn baby carrier. While Daddy pumped iron, Addison, Malik’s daughter, thoroughly enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror.

Day 20: LA native Aaron White reveals it all

What’s it like growing up without a father, or much of any sort of male role model, and then, becoming a father? During today’s interview, Aaron White walked us through his journey of becoming one of Los Angeles’ most influential male role models, and a Dad. Here’s a video he and his team recently put …

Day 19: Venice Beach with the LA Dads Group

It’s been hot as a pistol in Los Angeles this summer, so spending the afternoon at Venice Beach with the LA Dads Group (a local chapter of City Dads Group) was a treat! Bi-weekly, LA Dads Group co-leaders Trevor Mulligan and Eli Lipmen invite local Dads to “hang ten” with their kids. Stay tuned to …

Day 18: Richard Bravo is “ConversationStarter”

What are the chances that one of the Dads participating in our documentary would get married while we’re filming? Well, turns out, pretty high, thanks to Richard Bravo, aka “ConversationStarter.”* Today we were fortunate to be able to film father of two, Richard Bravo, along with the new Mrs. Bravo, at their wedding reception in …

Day 17: Parenting and podcasting with Matt Barnes

We met up with Matt Barnes, his wife, and not-quite-1-year-old-twins today in Orange County, California. After the twins woke from their morning naps, off to the park we went. After a leisurely walk around the playground, and lots of time at the swings, we headed back to Matt’s house to watch him record his hit …

Shout out to our amazing interns

Nolan Andrew – you’re a natural leader, full of life, teachable, and work with excellence. Mirian Perez Colindres – you’re an energetic team player and help wherever, and whenever, needed. Scott Graves – you’re a passionate storyteller, are excellent with the details, and super patient. Tanner Londo – you have a natural eye for photography, …

Day 16: Youth camp with pastor, poet, and motivational speaker Aaron White

Three youth vans pulled up and parked. Game on. We were with pastor, poet and motivational speaker Aaron White today. Full of energy, he played water balloon games, had his face painted, hiked to a waterfall, and created music with his youth group. Aaron White is a man who leads from the front, and we’re …

Day 15: At Martin & Carter with carpenter Edwin Davila

Edwin Davila, father of two teen boys, is a master carpenter. Today, we met up with him at Martin & Carter to watch as he designed and fabricated something near and dear to his heart. Joiners, saws, sanders, chisels, protractors, rulers, hammers, and vacuums…everything was in full swing today! The crew did a fantastic job …

Day 14: In the recording studio with Dennis Lamar

This morning our crew invaded Dale Becker’s recording studio. We’ve been following around Dennis Lamar, preacher, gospel singer and father of three. Dennis Lamar and Dale Becker have been working on a song together, so today was a great opportunity to capture those real-life recording studio moments. Boy can Dennis sing! We were joined in …

Day 13: Summertime at the park

This morning around 10 AM, the Lamar family pulled into the YMCA Sierra Madre Park parking lot. One by one, Dennis, and his wife Mia, set each of their three little ones free from their car seats. With the playground within sight, off ran his oldest son. We captured life’s simple moments today – Dennis …

Day 12: Birthday BBQ with Dennis Lamar and Friends

This evening we were in Pasadena, California with singer, and Texas native, Dennis Lamar. We had the opportunity to join a birthday BBQ Dennis was hosting for one of his friends. All the guys were great and we appreciate them welcoming our crew to the birthday party. They even shared the food!

Day 11: Sunny Hills High School with Peter Karavedas

At only 33 years old, Peter Karavedas is Sunny Hills High School’s head football coach. Located in Fullerton, California, our crew followed Peter and his team into their weight room for a testosterone packed pre-practice workout, then out onto the field in the 100 degree summer sun. Peter is busy teaching his players two things: …