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Tag: Boyle Heights

Zoom H6 field recorder

Today’s post is dedicated to our Zoom H6 field recorder. We’re beyond pleased to have chosen the Zoom H6 field recorder for our documentary. It’s small and compact, but packs a punch. In the studio, we’ve been running two channels: one channel for the Rode NTG3 boom mic and one channel for the Rode RodeLink …

Day 22: Edwin Davila and sons service their 1960 Chevy Apache in Boyle Heights

Edwin Davila is a classic car guy. Today, our crew filmed Edwin Davila, along with his two teenage sons, tune up their classic 1960 Chevrolet Apache truck at their historic Boyle Heights (an east Los Angeles suburb) home. Beside some of Edwin’s other classics parked in his garage, we watched on as the trio changed …